Character Ed and Bully Prevention

Character Education is an important part of Worrall Elementary’s programming each year.  Our approach is multi-faceted, including a whole-school positive behavior support system, student leadership opportunities, fundraising events, and whole-school assemblies.  At Worrall, we place critical importance on educating the whole child, helping them grow socially and emotionally as well as academically.

Our School-Wide Positive Behavior Support System is called The Worrall Way, and our motto is “We are Safe, We are Responsible, We are Respectful, We are Worrall.”  This system allows all adults to use a common language, teach expected behaviors, develop routines and structure, and focus on proactively acknowledging expected behavior rather than reactively focusing on problematic or unexpected behavior.  Students are awarded “Tiger Tokens” when they show exemplary behavior related to “The Worrall Way,” and student recipient names are read each day over the intercom by the Principal, paired with a monthly prize draw.

Worrall Teachers meet each Summer to plan the scope of the year to come for Character Education.  Each year, teachers chose an overarching theme with the associated character traits.  There is a corresponding assembly for each character trait, with a special the kick-off assembly early in the year.  Each assembly is student-led, with songs, skits, and speaking opportunities for our very own children.